BellaDance by Leanna

Bringing the Art of Belly Dance
to Hamilton

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8 Week Session
October 22- Dec 10, 2019

6PM Intro to Bellydance and Drills
7PM Multilevel Layering and Combinations

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12 Classes = $174
10 Classes = $155
8 Classes = $132
6 Classes = $105
4 Classes = $74
Drop In = $20 cash only
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Cash or e-transfer accepted.

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INTRO TO BELLYDANCE: This class is for those new to belly dance or wanting to perfect their basic technique. Learn how to isolate and control your body, basic steps, and travelling movements; then string them together into effortless combinations. Improve your coordination, stamina, and muscle memory. Meet new people and have fun while doing it!

JUST BELLYDANCE (MULTI-LEVEL): Get your heart rate up and blood pumping; Leanna's cardio shimmy class is back! Get addicted to this low impact, high energy workout. Cardio Shimmy is a fusion of bellydance, simple steps, and Middle Eastern inspired dance music to have you sweating in no time. All levels are welcome.

DRILLS TO KILL (MULTI-LEVEL): Enter the drill house and be prepared to sweat and work hard! Drill your movements to create muscle memory and learn the easiest ways to get those locks looking sharp and fierce. You’ll also learn layering techniques with accents, shimmies, undulations, camels, vertical figure eights, omis, a variety of ¾ travelling shimmies and more.

CRAZY COMBOS (MULTI-LEVEL): Have you learned all of the basics and want to take your belly dancing to the next level? Combinations will show you how to fluidly move between your steps and movements. Start learning more complex moves as well as layering the basics. This class is where belly dance starts to come alive. Must have 1+ years of continuous bellydance experience.

PERFORMANCE CLASS (BY INVITATION ONLY): Learn a whole choreography to perform around the GTA!! This class is intended for those who have taken 2+years of continuous belly dance classes. Must have approval from Leanna before starting.

CHOREOGRAPHY WITH SAGAT: This class is for advanced dancers who know the movements from Intro and Multi-Level BD. Learn basic rhythms with finger cymbals, how to pair them with steps and then transform it into a beautiful choreography. Dancers please bring your own cymbals as there is a limited amount of loaners available.

DOUMBEK CLASSES WITH KEVORK: Learn a musical instrument in a fun and challenging way. If you’re a devoted dancer, this class is perfect for learning and comprehending the basic rhythms. You don’t have to be a dancer to enjoy this class, outsiders are also very welcome. Only a handful of loaners available, so reserving a spot is best.

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